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Click on the image below to view the 2014 Southeast Freight Conference Presentations

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2014 Southeast Freight Conference Program

Quick facts:

• Full day conference
• 63rd Port of New Orleans Night Gala

The ever-emerging inland freight hub of Memphis, TN, where all five Class One railroads operate substantial intermodal facilities, along with several huge distribution centers occupied by global shippers.

November 5-6, 2014

The Fifth Southeast Freight Conference and 63rd Annual Port of New Orleans Night are presented by Cargo Business News and the Memphis World Trade Club.

The U.S. Southeast boasts a population of over 78 million and is an expanding gateway for global freight moving between key U.S. and overseas cargo markets. The Southeast Freight Conference will address themes pertinent to the global supply chain’s vital connection to the region and its developing infrastructure. From all global points, if you are moving cargo through the U.S. Southeast, this event is aimed at you.

The 63rd Port of New Orleans Night celebrates the decades-old relationship between Memphis and the Port of New Orleans, and this year will once again welcome Southeast Freight Conference attendees to a grand gala featuring dinner and remarks, cocktails, live music and dancing.

Primary conference demographic:
Beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and those who service them.

Projected attendance for both events combined:

View the 2013 Southeast Freight Conference Program here:
2013 Southeast Frieght Conference Program