Friday, March 6, 2015

New German research ship deploys Global Navigation Solutions software

Global Navigation Solutions reports that Briese Schiffahrt, operators of Germany’s new research vessel, the RV Sonne, has chosen Voyager navigation software for the ship.

The Sonne will deploy the GNS Voyager Package 3, which includes route planning, inventory management and automatic updating of paper and digital charts, as well as ordering and cataloguing, and an AVCS and Admiralty Information Overlay viewer, the statement said.

"We see great operational advantages and cost savings from having our vessels carry the best

paper and digital navigational software," says Klaus Bergman of Briese Schiffahrt.

GNS reports the ship was launched by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July of 2014 and replaces a ship of the same name that was in service for 44 years.

"Voyager will provide Sonne with significant savings on time and cost and ensure the vessel avoids the compliance issues which are a growing everyday headache for ship managers," says Bjorn Woge, managing director of HanseNautic, GNS’s Hamburg office.

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