Friday, April 29, 2016

CMA CGM creates specialized containers for lobsters

The CMA CGM Group launched AQUAVIVA, a new generation of containers that allows for the safe carriage of live lobsters in their original water including conditions that simulate their natural habitat.

The arrival of the Aquaviva container is the result of 4 years of research and development between CMA CGM Reefer teams, a leading worldwide shipping Group, and EMYG Environment and Aquaculture, a company specialized in water purification and filtration.

It combines CMA CGM's reefer expertise and INNOPURE®, developed by EMYG.

Previously lobsters were carried either frozen by sea or alive and on ice by airfreight. With the new

AQUAVIVA container, they can now travel by sea in optimal conditions. This mode of transport relies on three major characteristics that replicates lobsters' natural living conditions, guarantees the water's optimum temperature during transportation, and preserves the water's oxygen level and quality, due to the INNOPURE® natural filtration system.

Lobsters are carried in optimal conditions during the whole transport process within their natural water, from fishing area until arrival at wholesalers or restaurants. CMA CGM says this guarantees first-day freshness and quality even over a long term conservation.

For the CMA CGM Group news release:

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