Friday, December 19, 2014

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Start-up ParcelBright to improve shipping for small to medium e-tail firms

UK package delivery startup ParcelBright has raised $1 million to power its service, which aims to revolutionize the package delivery market for small to medium sized e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce businesses can often benefit from using different couriers for different products and locations, but that requires several complex software integrations. is a plug and play solution for businesses not requiring integration and wanting to send parcels at discounted rates immediately.

The startup negotiates big rate discounts with the large courier companies, allowing businesses to access those rates through their product range. Many couriers use old technology or are specialized in a specific vertical, making using their services difficult. ParcelBright takes over their delivery operations.

Founded in January 2014, ParcelBright has delivered over 500,000 packages this year.

"We’ve worked hard to bring industry-specific VCs on board, who have already had success within logistics industry and share our vision of where the market is going," said Founder and CEO Daniel Lipinski (previously of Groupon).

Investors included Forward Partners, Talis Capital, Avonmore Developments and Howzat Partners.

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