Thursday, September 9, 2010

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World Food Programme goes global with GT Nexus

Logistics technology provider GT Nexus announced the World Food Programme (WFP) has integrated its global logistics visibility platform to assist in the management of the organization’s network of food deliveries throughout the world.

Part of the United Nations and headquartered in Rome, Italy, the WFP operates in 78 countries and employs over 12,000. Each year, the WFP ships over 4 million tons of relief supplies, according to statistics cited in a statement by GT Nexus.

“We run a complex global supply chain that needs to be highly agile and nimble, capable of delivering the right mix of supplies to very remote and inaccessable locations,” said Stephen Cahill, head of operations at the World Food Programme. “Cargo visibility is the cornerstone to running an agile network and GT Nexus is central to our strategy.”

“Each emergnecy is unique and has its own constraints and WFP works closely with other UN agencies to identify the specific needs and requirements,” said Cahill. “Different populations all have their traditional diets which we try to respect. In addition, if there is not access to clean water then rice is not an option. And, if there is no fuel we must rule out food that requires long cooking times.”

The entire platform is through a web-based “cloud” platform hosted by GT Nexus and accessible through standard web browsers, the tech company said.

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