Friday, September 6, 2013

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Union Pacific launches new tech for double-stack cargo trains

This month Union Pacific announced Arrowedge, patented aerodynamic technology designed by UP engineers that ups fuel efficiency and reduces emissions for its double-stack freight trains.

"The Arrowedge represents Union Pacific's focus on pioneering technology for operational and environmentally sustainable gains that ultimately result in enhanced customer service and community stewardship, " said Mike Iden, Union Pacific general director-car and locomotive engineering. "We are excited to see the results of this innovation in action and how it can springboard further research and development."

On a double-stack freight train, containers are placed two high, one on top of the other, for improved ride quality and rail car capacity, according to a company statement.

Placed on top of the first freight container, the tapered body of the 48-foot Arrowedge allows air to flow more easily around the train's top foremost containers, reducing aerodynamic drag, which in turn decreases the amount of locomotive power needed to propel the train.

The railroad plans to start utilizing the new tech this month on a double-stack container train between Joliet, Illinois, and Long Beach, California.

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