Friday, August 31, 2012

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GE designs high tech, low emission freight locomotive

GE Transportation revealed the prototype for its Evolution Series Locomotive, which the company claims will be the first freight locomotive to meet the EPA's Tier 4 emission standards, effective 2015.

Reportedly, the locomotive will lower emissions by more than 70 percent compared to 2005 models, and will save railroad customers $1.5 billion in infrastructure and operations costs.

The reason for the cost savings is because the new GE locomotive will meet Tier 4 requirements using technology rather than with "alternatives." This means the eco-train won't need to use a urea exhaust additive to meet the standards, typically the case when using alternative fuel, and will not require the railroad to build a new network of alternative fueling stations.

An initial six-year, $400 million investment produced the engine, followed by a two-year, $200 million investment to refine the research and design to meet Tier 4 standards.

At least 5,000 GE Evolution Series Locomotives operate in the U.S. and globally. The series empowers railroads to move one ton of freight more than 480 miles on only one gallon of fuel, according to GE Transportation.

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