Friday, August 2, 2013

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Port Metro Vancouver implements terminal gate fee

Port Metro Vancouver will implement a $30 (Canadian) Terminal Gate Efficiency Fee, effective October 1. The operators of the port's four container terminals will pay the fee for each container truck trip for which the terminal turnaround time exceeds 120 minutes. The fee will be based not only on the in-terminal gate-to-gate time, but also on the time spent from arrival at either a truck staging area or gate queue.

The fee will apply to trucks registered on the port's truck licensing system and fitted with GPS transponders. The port currently has 1000 trucks — 50 percent of Vancouver's licensed container truck fleet — fitted with GPS transponders. After a successful 2012 pilot program, the units were installed this year at no cost to truckers.

The turnaround time, including outside-the-gate waiting, will be measured via the port's truck-mounted GPS system. Estimated wait times, as well as average wait times on an hourly basis, are currently posted at

"I applaud what the port is doing — however, I think they have to tighten the (waiting time) window," said a trucking executive who wished to remain anonymous.

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