Friday, May 27, 2016

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GE Marine Solutions to provide Maersk with auxiliary electric systems

GE's Marine Solutions announced a deal to provide the latest in auxiliary electric systems to Maersk Line, the world's leading container ship operator.

GE's Power Take Off/Power Take In (PTO/PTI) technology consists of two drives, two induction motors and a power management system. It provides excess power on demand while reducing fuel consumption. When not being used to propel the vessel, the PTO/PTI technology uses the surplus energy to power onboard systems and equipment.

GE's Marine Solutions entry into the container
ship industry also marks its intention of contributing to the technological advancement of the industry
at large.

The PTO/PTI solution provided to Maersk Line
for 11, 2nd generation Triple-E container vessels with a capacity of 19,630 TEUs, is comprised of a shaft generator motor installed between the main engine and the propeller. It acts as either a generator or a booster to generate electricity from slow streaming speeds all the way up to the design speed of the vessel. The PTO/PTI technology will be installed onboard vessels built by the DSME shipyard in Korea, with which GE has had a long-standing relationship.

The PTO/PTI technology harnesses the mech-
anical energy of the vessel's drive shaft to convert
it into electrical energy. This excess energy is then directed to onboard systems when it is required, which diminishes the need to burn fuel to power these systems. The result in fuel savings

is significant.

Unlike its competitors, the electric machine is equipped with induction motors instead of synchronous motors. By removing transformers, it offers a simpler design and therefore reduces the complexity of the system, making it more reliable and requiring less CAPEX. The arrangement of induction motors reduces the frequency and extent of maintenance, and combined with the system's fuel saving characteristics, brings down the operational expense for customers.

"Having Maersk as a partner, our entry into the container ship industry could not be more impactful," said Tim Schweikert, president and CEO, GE's Marine Solutions. "GE is continuously investing and developing solutions for the marine industry, and with our PTO/PTI technology, we are reinforcing our intention of driving the industry forward."

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