Friday, May 9, 2014

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PEMA survey: Deliveries up for ship-to-shore and yard container cranes

Markets for both ship-to-shore cranes and yard container cranes rebounded sharply in 2012, according to the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association's latest survey results on port equipment deliveries.

The PEMA surveys poll equipment manufacturers on three categories — ship-to-shore container cranes, yard container cranes and mobile port handling equipment, covering reach stackers, FLTs and terminal tractors. The latest polls include delivery volumes for 2012, and delivery trend data for 2005 through 2012.

The survey revealed several key trends from three 2012 surveys. The market for ship-to-shore container cranes rebounded strongly in 2012, PEMA reports, with 238 new units delivered, up 77 percent compared with 2011 and moving some way back to the pre-2008 norm. Secondly, yard container crane deliveries increased by 52 percent compared with 2011, with 690 new units delivered, including 610 RTGs and 80 RMGs.

Finally, the PEMA surveys showed deliveries of all mobile equipment types increased, except 4x2 terminal tractors. Empty container handling FLTs showed especially strong growth, up 29 percent on the previous year to reach 709 units.

Port equipment manufacturers confidentially provided survey data.

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