Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Zero freight emissions aggressive goal in Southern Cal

The goal of reaching zero emissions in regional freight transportation was the main topic of discussion at a technology forum held last week in Los Angeles at the Southern California Air Quality District.

Technological solutions to cut out pollution from cargo movement could include solutions like dual-mode hybrids that would run on battery power inside the port area, switching to the hybrid engine once outside, according to Bill Van Amburg, senior vice president of CALSTART.

"Why don't we electrify the Alameda Corridor and run all the way?" queried Frank Guzzo of Siemens Mobility as reported in the San Bernardino Sun.

Or, what about putting freight on a "Magnerail" that would utilize permanent magnets to move rail cars and rubber-tired terminal equipment, as proposed by Sam Gurol of General Atomics, a maglev manufacturer.

Magnerail technology will reportedly be deployed on the aircraft carrier Gerald L. Ford to launch planes "from zero to 200 miles," Gurol said.

The panelists concurred over the high costs of development, as public funding has become a less likely avenue, they said.

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