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Friday, March 29, 2013

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NYK launches Japan's first eco-friendly tug

Wing Maritime Service Corporation this week marked the official service launch of Japan’s first eco-friendly tug, owned by NYK Group.

The Tsubasa, which features a hybrid propulsion system, was celebrated at an event attended by Yokohama deputy mayor Nobuya Suzuki, officials from the port community and representatives from builders Keihin Dock Co. and Niigata Power Systems, among others.

Since early March, the 256-ton tug has been used to tow large vessels in and out of ports, mainly at Yokohama and Kawasaki. Tsubasa is equipped with a motor generator and high-performance, rechargeable batteries in addition to conventional diesel engines.

Tsubasa is expected to lower CO2 emissions by 20 percent in port. The new tugboat is capable of operating solely on either its diesel engines or electric motors, depending on the power needed. The batteries can be charged by the onboard power generator, or via electric power when docked.

The boat, owned and operated by NYK Group’s Wing Maritime Service Corporation, was built by Keihin Dock Co. and Niigata Power Systems, which developed and manufactures the hybrid propulsion system.

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