Friday, March 7, 2014

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Jensen Maritime to design some of the first U.S. LNG bunker barges

Jensen Maritime, Crowley Maritime's Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering company, has been awarded a contract to design some of the first liquefied natural gas bunker barges in the U.S. for customer LNG America, according to a Crowley statement.

Currently no LNG bunkering barges are operating in American waters and these ships will be some of the first, Crowley says, helping LNG America to build LNG bunkering infrastructure along the U.S. Gulf Coast and in deliver clean fuel to the maritime industry.

In 2015, Jensen is scheduled to deliver the ships, which have a planned capacity of up to 3,000 cubic meters of LNG. According to the statement, the bunker barges will move LNG from LNG America’s Louisiana supply source to coastal storage and distribution facilities, and also directly bunker large ships.

“Through LNG America’s LNG bunkering initiative, we plan to serve and facilitate the growing marine demand for LNG,” said Keith Meyer, CEO of LNG America. “LNG America sees the demand for marine LNG to be robust as long as LNG can be made available to the maritime industry on a reliable, dependable and cost-competitive basis.”

LNG America is a Delaware company formed in 2013, based in Houston Texas, with the objective of providing a source of LNG in quantities required by emerging high horsepower LNG fuel markets, including marine, rail, mining, and trucking.

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