Friday, January 16, 2015

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BlackBerry expands into container tracking

BlackBerry revealed phase one of a plan to compete in the realm of Web-connected electronics with a platform that keeps track of shipping containers and vehicles.

The Internet of Things product pulls together the company’s device-management technology and its QNX operating system, which is already embedded in 50 million vehicles, according to a BlackBerry statement.

The system could also be used to keep track of specific shipping containers or pallets fitted with transmitting devices to help organize supply chains.

Chief executive officer John Chen is diversifying the Ontario-based company after its share of the world’s smartphone market dropped to less than 1 percent. Chen said the Internet of Things, which refers to the spread of Web-connected everyday electronics, would be a major source of growth in the future.

"As to when it’s going to shore up the top line, it’s probably going to take a little while but it’s not going to be a long while," Chen said in an interview on CNBC. He said the platform is going through trials at hospitals, connecting medical devices.

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