What the trade and transportation industry is saying about our conferences.

"The conference was incredibly well run. I have never been to a conference where the sessions did not run over and it was a pleasant surprise. The program was also very fluid and interactive. I really enjoyed how the Q&A was built into the panels."
Kristiann App, J.W. Allen & Co., Inc.

"Solid content regarding current and future industry trends."
C. Thomas Barnes, Con-way Multimodal

"Good attendance mix from all stakeholders in supply chain from shipper to rail to port reps."
Andy Halligan, Johnson Development

"Getting to meet and socialize with so many people."
Sandra Holec, ITG Voma Corp

"Very good speakers at a high level and topics that are relevant."
Clifford Pyron, Georgia Ports Authority

"The presentations were set up well, with one room, easy access, nice seating, and good amenities."
Mike J. Barba, Expeditors

"The caliber of speakers and attendees at the conference."
Tara Kim, CSX

We know how to draw a crowd

Adding another, deeper layer of indispensable industry content, networking and business opportunities are CBN’s shipping industry conferences, which have brought together thousands of attendees in recent years. From China to Charleston, Long Beach to Memphis, Portland to Des Moines, we go where the cargo business is.

CBN 2014 Conference Lineup:

The PPC returns in January 2014 after a successful run from 2006-2009 because port productivity is key to your business and the conference will be aimed at the entire supply chain that relies on this important logistical node.

The U.S. Midwest is home to major manufacturing, agriculture, and a significant consumer market of over 66 million. Conversely, getting cargo in and out of the nation’s heartland is challenging for a variety of reasons, and the Heartland Shippers’ Conference will address these themes among others pertinent to the global supply chain’s vital connection to the region and its developing infrastructure.

The fifth Southeast Freight Conference and 63rd Annual Port of New Orleans Night will be held in November 2014. It is the only event that specifically targets those who control the movement of global cargoes in and out of the Southeast region.

The Future of Marine Fuels Conference will be held on December 4, 2014 in San Pedro, California. This gathering focuses on sharing information regarding compliance with the new rules that govern the use of low-sulfur vessel fuels scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2015, plus the opportunities and obstacles for the use of LNG as an ocean-going vessel fuel.


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