Terminal Management Systems

By Diane Mettler

The right terminal management systems can enhance efficiency, performance and safety. Over the past years these systems have
become increasingly advanced, which means managers now have a variety of options to tailora system to meet their complex needs.

The following are just a few of the solutions available:

Company: Advent Inc.

Product: Advent’s Port Community System

Function: A flexible, configurable solution that fits the complex needs of all users of the port community.

Special Features: The Advent PCS was created to support:

  • Drayage ruck registries
  • Drayage truck tracking
  • Community portals
  • Clean truck programs
  • Truck appointment systems
  • Traffic mitigation programs

How It Works: Advent PCS is the first product line designed to allow port authorities to quickly implement individual or multi-purpose, port-wide programs. Built on Advent’s proven transportation framework, the Advent’s PCS is easily customized to fit a port’s program requirements. Advent’s PCS uses a different approach to manage an individual port’s needs with configurable system offerings. The modular configuration of Advent’s PCS allows the user port to select these offerings as individual pieces to work in conjunction with their existing systems or group them to support single multiple port programs.

Clients: PierPASS, MOL, “K” Line, Young Brothers, ITS, Ceres Terminals Incorporated, APL, Sea Star to name a few.

Web site: www.adventinc.com


Company: Tideworks Technology

Product: Digital Bridge™

Function: Digital Bridge helps terminal managers maximize productivity by providing a real-time dashboard of performance data for gate, yard, vessel and rail operations.

Special Features: Graphically rich metrics provide on-demand productivity data for all areas of the terminal. Flexible system design allows users to monitor their terminal based on the unique issues they face. The Web-based system enables terminal managers to access productivity data from anywhere.

How it Works: Digital Bridge draws real-time operational data from core terminal management systems such as Tideworks’ Mainsail Terminal Management System®. The system aggregates operational data and displays it in easy-to-read graphs and charts that help terminal managers maximize asset utilization.

Clients: Pacific Container Terminal, Long Beach, Calif.; Terminal 18, Seattle, Wash.; Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama; Oakland International Container Terminal, Oakland, Calif.

Web site: www.tideworks.com


Company: Zebra Enterprise Solutions, part of Zebra Technologies Corporation.

Product: SPARCS N4 with Business Intelligence Suite SPARCS Monitor and SPARCS Analytics.

Function: SPARCS N4, developed by Navis, is an advanced marine terminal operating system that offers centralized, multi-terminal visibility, planning and control. Whether for decision support, system-wide optimization, or automation, SPARCS N4 offers real-time integration of the terminal’s physical capabilities and operational dependences for better exception and performance management.

How it works: SPARCS Monitor and SPARCS Analytics, Zebra Enterprise Solutions Business Intelligence Suite offers real-time performance monitoring with tailored and efficient reporting.

Special Features: SPARCS Monitor improves terminal efficiency by enabling managers and staff to focus on operational goals, identify emerging issues and pinpoint root causes in real-time.

SPARCS Monitor also allows managers to track the pulse of the terminal operation by automatically displaying changes to key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Personalized dashboards provide intuitive, consolidated views of relevant information that are tailored for each employee. Terminal managers view terminal-wide performance indicators, while vessel planners can view productivity statistics for a specific vessel and its associated cranes.

SPARCS Analytics provides a single, centralized repository of consistent, detailed and easily accessible performance information. Reports can be distributed via e-mail and accessed via a Web-deployable application, allowing the entire terminal management team to share and act on a common understanding of terminal performance.

Clients: Sixteen live sites, which include Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, Transnet Port Terminals, AMPT, DP World, Zarate and Matson, among others.

Web site: www.zebra.com

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