Inventory Container Management

by Diane Mettler

A good inventory container management system includes a variety of components: tracking, visibility, and reporting capabilities, among others. Without an effective system in place a company’s productivity will definitely suffer. Below are just some of the dynamic solutions available to you.

Company: CitiXsys Technologies, LTD.

Product: Container Management for SAP Business One

Platform: Windows Servers and Desktops

What sets it apart: CitiXsys’ container management solution is integrated with SAP Business One (SBO) and comes with business intelligence capabilities, reporting, and integrated accounting. This powerful combination provides complete visibility and valuation of all items and containers from the point of loading until actual receipt and delivery. The container management solution ensures delivery pipelines are robust and efficient at all times.

Comments: Reducing shipment cost and freight expenses can become a daunting task. The need for a flexible and comprehensive system, with complete visibility and control of the movement of containers and inventory, can be challenging. Also, tracking billable activities and time spent with containers in transit and handling can take up valuable time. Does your system provide the flexibility to adapt with the global changes of demand and supply, and can it grow as your organization grows?

CitiXsys said it understands the challenges and has developed a solution that addresses you needs.

Customers: 3PL’s, wholesale distributors and importers running SAP Business One ERP that need to pack and track container status and visibility.



Product: Container Yard Position Detection System

Platform: DGPS, INS, .net, SQL

What sets it apart: ContainerTrac is committed to capturing the cell-level accurate placement and movement of containers within seaport, rail, and off-dock container yards.  ContainerTrac’s PDS specifically overcomes the multi-path and blockage challenges under the hook, during container handoff/transfer in decked operations, and slot parking in wheeled operations. The system is simply retrofit onto all existing yard vehicles, including the more difficult units on the ground: top picks, side picks, reach stackers, and hostlers. 

Customers: Medium to large seaport, rail, or off dock container yards.




Product: Mainsail Terminal Management System®, Spinnaker Planning Management System®, Traffic Control™, Forecast®, GateVision®, Digital Bridge™

Platform: Mainsail, Spinnaker, Traffic Control, and GateVision are client-server applications. Forecast and Digital Bridge are 100% web-based applications. Mainsail typically runs on blade servers over a Linux OS with an Oracle database. All others are deployed on Windows servers.

What sets it apart:
• Mainsail offers full-featured modules for billing, Container Freight Station (CFS) operations, Ro-Ro and other non-containerized
cargo tracking.
• Spinnaker provides highly configurable and intuitive tools for vessel, yard, and rail planning and contains a flexible feature set for intermodal rail operations. It can be deployed as a complete ‘standalone’ solution for rail operators to plan and control rail terminal activities.
• GateVision is a proprietary gate operating system and has been
integrated with third party technologies, such as OCR, ALPR, and RFID, allowing terminal operators to can fully automate many aspects of gate operations.
• Traffic Control contains a graphically rich, 3D “Terminal View” providing dynamic visibility into all terminal operations. A “look ahead” feature allows users to see the anticipated status of the terminal in 15-minute increments.
• Digital Bridge, a dashboard tool of key performance indicators, contains an expansive library of metrics for gate, yard, vessel, and rail activities. Terminal operators can proactively manage operations and address hot issues before they become problems.
• Forecast boasts an online credit card payment option, payment guarantees, and easy-to-use automated email notifications for container-related events.

Customers: Customer list is available on our website. Includes, among others, United Stevedores Amsterdam; Freightliner (UK); and BNSF Railway (Alliance, TX)



Company: zebra enterprise solutions, a division of Zebra Technologies.

Product: Maritime and Rail Container Terminal Operating Systems, Optimization and Automation, Automotive Vehicle Tracking and Management, Vehicle and Equipment Fleed Management, Exception Management, Asset Management and Location, Materials Management, Yard
Management Scheduling and Visibility, Wireless Request Systems

Platform: Cross-Platform Multi-Tenant enterprise Software applications and Services. Active RTLS and Telematics Hardware

What sets it apart: Zebra Enterprise Solutions reach extends beyond passive RFID by employing state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions to locate, track, manage, and optimize high-value assets, equipment and people across the world’s largest supply chains. Whether tracking containers through a port, optimizing parts for manufacturing, or managing ground support equipment at an airport, the real-time asset management solutions from the combination of Navis, WhereNet, Proveo, and Multispectral Solutions provide improved visibility and velocity to gain measurable business improvements. Utilizing products that are based on ISO/IEC 24730-2, Cisco CCX Wi-Fi, precision GPS, and UWB technologies, a wide range of location solutions can be “application matched,” enabling customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time.

Customers: Ports/terminals, automotive/industrial manufacturing, aerospace/defense, aviation, oil and gas, transportation and logistics



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