The Future is Now

In 2014, the global supply chain will continue its evolution.

Carbon footprints are shrinking, technology-driven solutions are expanding, trade lanes are shifting, and the competitive environment once again thrives as the international trade sector shakes off the dust from a long-term recession.

The rules of the game are changing, though, and the fleetest of foot will stand a better chance of succeeding in their respective freight logistics business segments.

The same holds true for those of us engaged in business media. The Cargo Business News enterprise will continue to anticipate and adjust to meet our readers, advertisers, sponsors needs in this Brave New World.

Content is received and read in an increasingly immediate, convenient, digital, and mobile environment.

CBN anticipated this monumental shift a few years ago by moving to an almost exclusive electronic platform for its news and information, and we will certainly deepen that experience.

However, while the CBN menu of marketing opportunities will offer more depth, breadth, value in 2014, our goal is to ensure that our advertising and sponsorship packages remain easy for you to grasp in a multi-faceted high tech world that can offer more than the brain can sometimes handle.

The future is indeed now, and Cargo Business News will help you jump in with both feet, affordably, and with impact.

To access your digital copy of the CBN 2014 Media Kit, contact:

John Nordahl
(206) 743-7145 - Office
(206) 307-6605 - Cell
(206) 324-5644 - Corporate Office

“I’m constantly intrigued by CBN’s ability to address the industry’s leading issues of the day. As a global supplier of port equipment, Kalmar’s competitiveness depends on our ability to understand the ever-changing needs of our customers and in turn, offer them unique, reliable and productivity enhancing solutions. CBN’s reports on topics like security, the environment and automation give us the necessary insight to adapt our solutions for meeting the demands of our customers’ operations.”

Elizabeth Gibson
Communications Officer
Kalmar Industries

“A results-proven blend of comprehensive industry news coverage combined with insightful editorial makes CBN a definite recommendation for our transportation clients. CBN’s unique perspective and no-nonsense style has made it the shortest route to a high quality readership of decision-makers. Informative, and incisive, CBN is indispensible when developingan effective and cost-efficient marketing program.”

Glenn Floyd
Managing Partner,
Constellation CG, LLC
Clients include China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)


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