About Cargo Business News

Part of the Northwest Publishing Center group, Cargo Business News began in 1922 when Jackson Corbett Jr. published the first issue of Marine Digest out of the old Grand Trunk Railroad Dock on the Seattle waterfront.

Ninety-one years later the CBN enterprise is thriving on the global stage through multi-media channels, reaching a shipping and logistics industry database of over 18,000 opt-in readers and event attendees.

Mike Daigle, Publisher
Christie Daigle, Associate Publisher
Elaine Riot, Editor
Bill DiBenedetto, Contributing Editor
Richard Knee, Contributing Editor
Fred McCague, Contributing Editor
Tracy Huddleson, Copy Editor
David Saldaña, Production Manager
Erin Downward, Design Supervisor
Patricia Woods, Graphic Layout
John Nordahl, Sales & Marketing
Christie Daigle, Event Manager